Dovetail offers evaluation, research and facilitation solutions. We work with our clients as partners in development and learning. We are valued for the insight and expertise we provide, the reflective dialogue that underpins our work, and the quality and timely delivery of our services.

We work with organisations to ensure that robust evaluative thinking and systems are built up-front in programme and service design.

Our offerings include:
Programme evaluation – to explore impacts and learning for future development
Quantitative analysis – to see patterns within the complexity of data
Qualitative research – to explore the underlying values and experiences that shape people’s lives
Community engagement and facilitation – to explore perspectives, shared goals and future directions
Literature analysis – to reflect on the evidence base and future opportunities
Evaluation capacity building – to build a culture of performance and critical reflection
Health and social impact assessment – to identify impacts of policy and planning, and create positive change

We support people who need to:

  • Understand what is working
  • Forge closer links with sectors, organisations and communities
  • Improve their data collection
  • Make sense of data, information and feedback to improve their work