Dovetail has a broad portfolio of work, built upon the strength of its collaborating teams and the value we offer our clients. Here you will find some examples of work, including our 1-page Annual Reports, and a range of publicly available client reports.

Annual reports

2014-19 5-year report

2017 Highlights

2015/16 Highlights

2014/15 Highlights


Field A, McKegg K, Schiff A. 2019. Signature Programme Evaluation: Visiting Drivers Project - for NZTA and ACC

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Te Auaunga Social Procurement Case Studies - for Auckland Council

Wild K, Woodward A, Field A, Macmillan A. 2017. Beyond ‘bikelash’: engaging with community opposition to cycle lanes. Mobilities DOI: 10.1080/17450101.2017.1408950

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Queenstown District Labour and Skills Shortages Survey - for Queenstown Chamber of Commerce

Te Awamutu Town Centre Health Impact Assessment (in association with Population Health Waikato) - for Population Health Waikato


Rural and Urban Economic Linkages - for Waikato Spatial Plan

Cost Analysis of Individualised Funding - for Manawanui InCharge

Skills Matter New Entry to Specialist Practice: Mental Health and Addiction Nursing - for Te Pou

Physician Assistant Evaluation (in association with Synergia Ltd) - for Health Workforce New Zealand

The Future of Sport in New Zealand (in association with Synergia Ltd) - for Sport New Zealand


Factors that Contribute to Exclusion of Disabled People (in association with Synergia Ltd) - for Ministry of Social Development